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Meet the Chef

Chef Ralph Notenboom

Executive Chef & Director of Dining Services

As his career started taking shape, He worked as Executive Chef for Sheraton Hotels, Hilton International, Indian Ridge Country Club in Andover, MA and Bear Lakes Country Club, West Palm Beach, FL. Mangrove Bay Jupiter, FL part of Senior Lifestyle Corporation as Executive Chef and Dining Services Director.


Over the years Chef Ralph has won various rewards and recognitions while catering Numerous specials events. A few of his accomplishments include. Red Auerbach's 75th birthday bash featuring the who's is who of the NBA. Private dinners for Authors Stephen King and James Patterson. Beating out The Breakers of West Palm Beach as best brunch in Palm Beach County, as voted on by the readers of the  Palm beach Post. Featured Guest Chef at the Feast of Little Italy @ Abacoa sponsored by Sorrento Cheese. Graduate of the inaugural SLC Institute of Hospitality, School of Culinary Arts, and winner of a Top Chef Competition at the NRA Chicago Show.


Chef Ralph has also taken great personal involvement in the development of culinary and food & beverage talent, with some of his previous team members holding Executive Chef's, F&B Directors and Restaurant Owners at a wide range of Properties such as; the Colonnade Hotel in Boston, The Hyatt in Vancouver, Canada and various country club’s throughout Florida and Massachusetts. 

Chef Ralph Notenboom was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands into a restaurant family. Having received his first paring knife for his eight-birthday present, the kitchen quickly became his first love and lifelong passion.


He graduated in 1986 at top of his class from the VBH School of Culinary arts in Rotterdam, The Netherlands receiving an associate degree in Hospitality. In the process he won the coveted Alliance Gastronomique Neerlandaise price, given to the top student in the culinary program. This major award allowed him to work as apprentice in various Michelin star Restaurants for a year.  


In the years directly following school, he pursued classical cooking techniques from opportunities that permitted him the ability to expand and experiment with his vision and craft.


Chef Ralph fulfilled an ambition and personal goal with his placement in the Boston Burlington Marriott in Massachusetts.


Hours of Operation


Breakfast: 7-8am

Lunch: 11am-1pm

Dinner: 5-7pm


Brunch: 10am-12pm

Dinner: Starts at 5pm

Weekly Menu

Busche Academy, Student Life and Dining


For answers to common questions such as menu options and nutrition facts, please email Chef Ralph:

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