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Meet the Athletic Director

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Isiah Anderson

Athletic Director

Head Men's Basketball Coach

With a career spanning over 30 years, Coach Isiah Anderson brings a wealth of coaching experience and a proven track record of success to Busche Academy. 


In 2000, Coach Anderson led York, PA to win a national prep school championship, finishing as the top-ranked team in the country. Under his guidance, his teams went on to win five league and county championships, making an impressive appearance in the big school final four state tournament. Coach Anderson's accomplishments earned him the well-deserved title of Coach of the Year, acknowledging his outstanding contributions and achievements during his tenure.

Coach Anderson's impact extends beyond the high school level. Anderson has successfully sent over 30 players to Division 1 schools, providing them with the opportunity to further their basketball careers and education. Several players have also gone on to play in the NBA and professional leagues around the world.


In addition to coaching, Coach Anderson is also recognized for his contributions as an author. Anderson's book, "Trenches," provides insights into his training methods, strategies, and philosophies, offering athletes a roadmap for success both on and off the court. The accompanying workbook further enhances the learning experience, allowing players to track their progress, set goals, and reflect on their personal growth throughout their athletic journey.


While Coach Anderson's primary focus is on achieving success on the basketball court, his dedication to his players' personal development sets him apart. He goes above and beyond to ensure that his athletes excel not only athletically but also grow as individuals of character. Coach Anderson instills in his players the values of discipline, teamwork, resilience, and integrity, understanding that these qualities are not only essential for success in basketball but also crucial for their overall success in life.


Prior to his coaching career, Isiah Anderson served as a second lieutenant in the United States Army Reserves. His prior military experience instilled in him valuable qualities of selflessness and leadership, which has contributed to his effectiveness as a coach. Coach Anderson's ability to lead by example, inspire his players to work together and strive for excellence is a testament to the impact of his military background on his coaching style.

Busche Academy expresses deep gratitude for Coach Anderson's 8 years of service in the military and extends a heartfelt thank you for his dedication and sacrifice. BA looks forward to the positive impact Coach Anderson will undoubtedly make as he leads the boys' basketball program and serves as the athletic director, shaping the lives of young athletes and fostering a culture of excellence, both on and off the court.

Coach Anderson and his wife, Tricia, currently reside in New Hampton, New Hampshire with their nine children.

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