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Springfield Commonwealth Academy's varied academic curriculum challenges and stimulates students with a range of abilities. With foundational courses, honors classes, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and independent study, students can choose from a wide selection of traditional and innovative courses.

We offer a rigorous academic curriculum taught by passionate, diverse and expert teachers. Our academic curriculum is designed to provide a wide range of intellectual opportunities that allow the student to delve deeply into areas of particular interest.

We achieve our goal by meeting you where you are when you arrive and challenging and stretching you appropriately as you hone your skills and develop your talents during your time at SCA. This student-centered approach is the way education should be: the perfect balance of academic and emotional development in a place where all can do their best without besting each other.

The underlying goals of the curriculum are to provide students with the opportunity to develop self-confidence as learners and to achieve a greater degree of independence and maturity in thinking, making decisions, and taking actions. All students at SCA are expected to pursue a program of study appropriate to their abilities, skills, and interests that will prepare them for further study after graduation and beyond.

Core Subjects

Advanced Placement

Honors Classes




Middle School / Grades 6-8

Lower School is the perfect time for young minds to begin the modern education. We challenge and nurture academic, interpersonal, athletic and artistic development in a supportive environment. Students learn to access and analyze information and to articulate their own clear point of view. They leave the Lower School as strong independent learners and creative problem solvers.

Through a clearly defined curriculum, Lower School students are expected to develop stronger writing, speaking and quantitative skills. Recognizing that both developmental and learning differences exist, we strive to give individual support while maintaining high academic standards. In light of the fact that the middle school years are a time of tremendous personal and intellectual change, we believe students will grow through their failures as well as through their successes.

The approach to teaching and learning in our Middle School emphasizes thematic grouping and the interconnectedness of disciplines, ideas, and phenomena. At Brimmer, we’re training our students to think about complex topics from a variety of perspectives and to demonstrate knowledge in many different ways.

In the Classroom

Time Management

Research Skills

Writing and Speaking

Quantitative Skills

Oral Presentation

Graphic Display

Project-Based Learning



High School / Grades 9-12 and Postgraduate

Explore a broad range of academic disciplines. Dig deeply into areas of interest. Demonstrate excellence through advanced work. Immerse yourself in the world of ideas and take meaningful action in the world around you. Inspired and challenged by innovative teachers, you can do all of this at Brimmer. With skill-building foundational courses, Advanced Placement classes, study-abroad travel experiences, Honors Programs, and the opportunity to pursue independent study, Springfield Commonwealth Academy offers an engaging program of study that is crafted to the individual—and is as ambitious as you want it to be.

In the Upper School, we develop modern education skills and a broad-based curriculum focusing on real-world application. We aim to inspire students to reach their full potential. One of the first things you’ll notice about our classes: students and teachers are genuinely caught up in the excitement and momentum of learning. Our class sizes average 10-12 and the learning environment is intimate, interactive, and inclusive. In all of our classes, students are encouraged to share their opinions. They speak up. They disagree. They learn from their teachers – and from one another.

The academic program is both flexible and broad: each student works closely with an advisor to plan a balanced program of study. Since we know our students well, we can guide them in the direction that best fits their interests, ambitions, and passions. We offer a curriculum designed to prepare students for the rigors and rewards of college, community, and life.

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